I am Bianca and together with Adrian we want to show you a little piece of heaven, the place we call it home now.

back garden

# in the back garden

Almost two years ago we moved from the big capital city of Bucharest to a small village called Cașva. Dating from 1453, Cașva is situated in Eastern Transylvania, surrounded by hills, mountains and plenty of nature. It’s the place where Adrian’s parents and grandparents grew up , lived and definitely fell in love with it.

view towards casva # view towards Cașva

Shortly after moving here we started feeling a need to give something back to this place and its people. We wanted to express our gratitude for what they had offered Adrian as a child and also for the wonderful times still to come. We want to start an initiative to put into practice the knowledge gained so far , supplemented by those acquired in villages everyday activities . Currently , with support and help from relatives and friends especially with tips and lessons , we raise poultry , rabbits and cultivate vegetables on an 150sm garden.


# our vegetable garden

In order to do that we want to start by building a small guesthouse with three rooms for accommodation. Because we love traditional architecture and want to preserve as much as we can of it, we will relocate, recondition and improve an old peasant house, made of wood and cob, donated by a local who wanted to demolish it.

example traditional architecture_brown house

# example of traditional architecture

Because our resources are not enough to develop this project by ourselves, we need  your help to transform this house into a guesthouse. This process is planned with respect to the area’s specificity and according to the original project and house plan. We will use the same materials as the ones used when the house was first built, preserving as much of its architecture as possible.the house

# the wood and cob house we want to transform in a guesthouse

The house will be relocated approximately 50m from its current location, on our own domain, conveniently located next to the main road and Cașva river.

The relocation, refurbishment and improvement of the wooden house , represents the ideal combination between the development of a sustainable, eco and socially conscious business, through the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, creating new jobs for disadvantaged people and a small contribution to saving a part of our rural heritage . The economic situation of the last decade and inconstant income have led to people leaving for seasonal or long-term work in other countries and cities , so creating jobs here will have a positive impact on the community, which he already expressed support for starting the company by the desire to be directly involved in the activities of the pension ( restoration house , cooking , garden care , workshops for tourists) or being collaborators (producer dairy products and meat, local craftsmen ) .

In the future we want to save as many houses as we can and transform them into guesthouses,  and a barn, to transform it into a restaurant.

If you have any questions please email us @ casva.guesthouse@gmail.com

Thank you for your time and we hope to meet soon!

 Bianca & Adrian