There are a lot of opportunities available for you to discover around here, and we assure you that your only regret will consist of not having time to experience them all.

  • tracking in the area – walking through Cașva is a must as you can see the  old peasant’s houses, their lifestyle and everyday activities and listen to their story.  You can also find many walkable trails on the hills and we can also provide you some lunch to go for longer trails.


  • cycling or exploring the area in a cart / sleigh – the road to Idicel Padure village is great for a journey and you can admire the entire view from the area up the   mountains. For  this trip we provide you a detailed map, insights and tips of what to visit or where to have a meal  or prepare you take-away lunch.


  • mushrooms workshop – you can also participate in our workshop during which you can learn to recognize and cook local mushrooms


  • sheepherding – you can visit a sheepfold in the area , watch the milking process  and taste the incredible ” boț” – a ball of polenta filled with local  cheese, cooked by the fire

sheepfold# the sheepfold from Meștera – see more info and pictures here

  • partake in local festivals such as “The Ploughman”, “Girls Fair”, “Gurghiului   Valley Festival”


# “The Ploughman Festival”

  •  visit workshops of craftsmen in the area -Mr. and Mrs. Sandu from Gurghiu (wood sculptor / costumes craftsman), Grigore Covrig from Idicel   Pădure (vests and coats craftsman)


Activities Around The Guesthouse

Depending on the time of the year during which you will visit us , there are different activities to be done :

  • in the springtime we will prepare the land and plant seedling
  • in the summertime you can help us take care of the garden and prepare seasonal syrups and jams such as dandelion , elderflower or raspberry syrup, black cherry or strawberry jam
  • during autumn you can help us harvest by picking up apples,pears,plums and nuts , produce the wine and prepare for winter consequently by: preparing jam, syrup, tomato juice or pickles
  •  wintertime is when we produce palinca