Reward no.6 – A traditional Romanian Blouse

Let’s start the week-end with this beautiful romanian blouses – ii – hand-crafted by Mrs Sandu !

For 250USD you will receive a beautiful traditional Romanian blouse, an “ie” , handmade by Mrs. Sandu + your name on the wooden board + a printed card of the house with a special thank you
You can order it here: 5


Reward no. 4 – A Wooden Bowl + A Wooden Spoon

Thanks to those who support us and we hope to have more and more people who believe in our idea and will visit us soon.
For 100 USD we will send you, a beautiful wooden bowl, made by Mr. Sandu + a beautiful wooden spoon + a printed card of the house with a special thank you.

You can donate here:…/be-our-guest-in-rom…/x/11548863…

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Reward no 2 – A Printed Thanks To You

Every help counts and brings us closer to our dream . You can help us by buying our rewards and spreading the word about our project.

For 20$ you will receive an electronic card from us with a special thank you. The card is hand painted by our friend, Daniela Gheorghiu, and presents the future guesthouse. Thank you Dani!

You can donate 20$ HERE