We want to relocate, restore and redesign this wooden and cob house, and transform it in a guesthouse, in respect of the area’s specificity, according to the original project and house plan.

Here are the steps that we have to take in order to be able to receive tourists starting october 2016:

  •  take all the permits and authorizations issued by the authorities in law ( Urbanism Certificate, Sanitary-Veterinary Certificate, permit to buid a guesthouse from Ministry of Transport , Constructions and  Tourism )
  • electrical connection
  • water connection
  • make the fence
  • arrange the land
  • make a vegetable garden to be used by guests
  • dismantle the house
  • rebuild it on the new location
  • make the interior design according to the planes posted
  • do the electrical wiring and sanitary pipes
  • mount the boiler and radiators for heating
  • instal solar pannel
  • arrange a playground for children
  • arrange chill out area with hammocks by the river
  • arrange three parking spaces
  • buy four bicycles

We will try to do as much as we can with the amount of money we hope to gather, and , if we are not going to obtain the whole sum, we will start cutting from the back of the list.

House relocation will be approximately 50m from its current location , on our own domain, conveniently located next to the main road and Cașva river.

new location

# old location of the house vs. new location of the house

Our domain is 2500sm / 8200sft and will have :

  • three parking lots
  • a vegetable garden
  • a relaxing area by the river
  • a small playground for children

our domain towards river

# This is the new location. On the right side is Cașva river and the place where the hammocks will be , and on the left side is the access to the main road.

our domain_house simulation

# a simulation with the house on our domain. On the felt side is the road and on the right side is the river.

house simulation

# a simulation with the house towards the river.

The house is donated to us by a friend and neighbour, who wants to demolish it because she has a new house next to the old one and wants a bigger yard. The house was build by her parents in 1961 and wasn’t inhabited for almoust three years, that’s why it will need a lot of recondition and repairs.

We will keep the stone foundation, and recuperate as much as we can from the walls, beams, floor ,roof tiles, windows and doors. We will use the same materials as the ones used when the house was first build, preserving as much of its architecture.

original house plan# the original project of the house

The house will feature :

  • three bedrooms
  • three bathrooms
  • a large hallway
  • a kitchen with a dining area
  • a porch

From 6 to 8 people will be hosted here. Each bedroom will have its own bathroom , with double or twin beds, according to the plans below.

v8Ground floor will feature :

  • a hallway
  • a double bedroom with private bathroom
  • a kitchen with a dining area
  • a porch

attic plan

Attic floor will feature :

  • a corridor
  • 2 double bedrooms with private bathroom

We want to create a cosy and comfortable interior , as the romanian peasant houses are. We already have old furniture for the dining area and two bedrooms, furniture donated also by a local.