We would like to bring special thanks to our neighbours and our friends who helped us so far and we can’t wait to celebrate together when the project will be done:

  • Floarea for donating us the house
  • Alexandra and Ovidiu for donating us the furniture
  • Radu for making the video for the  Indiegogo campaign
  • Argatu for the music in the video
  • Florin – constructor craftsman – for showing such an enthusiasm for the whole project and willing to work at the house using old materials and techniques
  • Mrs. & Ms. Sandu for their beautiful handmade products
  • Dani for the painted card
  • Mara, Andreea, Luiza and Dana for helping us with the text, advice and support
  • Cosmin, Adi, Raluca and all our friends who supports us and helps us spread the word