Cașva is a village dating from 1453, situated in the heart of Romania, in Transilvania area, Mureș County.  You can see the exact location here

It is a traditional Transylvanian village, with small plots of agricultural land  and pastures with high biodiversity. Here, nature is alive, the forests are offering an unique show every season, wild animals are living in their own natural habitat and local people are having a quiet life , similar to the one that was here hundreds of years ago.   Life is simple and calm, exactly like the people from this parts.

This year ( 2016) , a team of landscape students from 15 countries documented the Gughiu Valley, especially Cașva Village. They discovered here an unique landscape that worths preservation and sustainable development.

You can see what they found in here in this video :

autumn in casva

# autumn in Cașva

There are various ways to reach Cașva and the ride down is very pleasurable. You will pass through a varied landscape from plains to hills to mountains and back to hills again. Plenty of rivers and streams will adorn your path and the surrounding forests and animals will fill you up with life. The village is easily accesible with public transportation or private car, at only 14 km from Reghin, 50 km from Târgu Mureş and 120 km from Cluj Napoca.

The only way to get to here is via Reghin, and on your way you will pass through a stately oak forest , Mociar Forest. This forest is unanimously recognized as the oldest forest in Romania, having an area of 569 hectares. About 300 trees are between 650 and 720 years, and about half of oak trees almost died of old age , but not yet disturbed by human intervention .

mociar forest

# Mociar forrest – photo source

If you arrive :

  • by plane –  we can pick you up from Târgu Mureș or Cluj Napoca Airports
  • by car – it’s easy to get here as the village is close to Reghin ( 14km) and the guesthouse is at the main road
  • by train – you can come with local transport from Reghin train station or we can  pick you up

Mureș County is rich in tourist attractions  as it has the most castles and manors of the total existing in the country; traditions and customs are still preserved in rural areas and the landscape is untouched . The village is conveniently located between Sighișoara, the oldest inhabited citadel in Europe and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and Maramureș County.

There are many places around Cașva that you can visit, here are some of them :

  • castles in the area – the castle and the arboretum of Gurghiu,   Bornemisza (4km) , Teleki Castle in Gorneşti (27km), Kemeny Castle in Brâncoveneşti  (25km)

castle of Gurghiu

# Bornemisza Castle, Gurghiu – more info and photos here

castle of Gornesti

# Teleki Castle in Gornești – more info and photos here

brancovenesti castle

# Kemeny Castle from Brâncoveneşti

  • city tours – Reghin city tour (15km) ) including visit at Györkös Francis, one of the most   famous luthiers in  the city, Târgu Mureș city tour (50km) , Sighișoara city tour (100km) , Cluj Napoca city tour (120km)

targu mures

# Târgu Mureș – Privo hotel and 100 years old painted steps

  • visit Sovata and Praid ( 55km) – you can catch a ride on the Mocănița (more info here ), an old   steam train that takes you through the beautiful wilderness during a three hour round trip ,  have a swim in the biggest salt water swimming pool or visit the salt mine

These are just some of the nearby attractions as there are much more places waitting for you to discover them !